Image of Fraud Magnifying GlassThe City of Clarksville is committed to conducting its affairs with high ethical standards and in compliance with the law.

The City provides two methods to report concerns regarding illegal, improper or wasteful activities by City officials and City employees: the Fraud and Audit HOTLINE and the ONLINE reporting form.

CALL the Fraud and Audit HOTLINE at 
(931)648-6166 or

Administration of the Fraud and Audit HOTLINE

  • Calls to the Fraud and Audit HOTLINE are handled through voice recorded instructions followed by 3 minutes of recording time for callers to report their concerns.
  • All HOTLINE and ONLINE reports are managed by the Internal Audit office of the City of Clarksville and will be investigated by that department. Depending on the nature of the issue, the report may be referred to another City department.
  • If requested, Internal Audit or the appropriate department will follow-up with the employee or citizen who made the complaint, to ensure the matter has been reviewed. In that case, the employee or citizen must provide contact information.
Fraud and Audit FAQs
  •     What information should I include?
    • Specific and relevant information
    • The City department involved
    • First and last names of any individuals involved in the incident 
    • If possible, the contact information for the individuals involved
    • The location where the improper activity took place
    • Documentation or other evidence if available
  • What happens after I state my concern?

The Internal Audit office will gather sufficient information to determine the appropriate action needed. Depending on the nature of the issue, the report may be referred to another City department. Each report is unique and is investigated to the fullest extent possible with the information provided.

  • Will I hear back from the City regarding my concern?

If requested, the City’s Internal Audit office or the appropriate department will follow-up with the citizen who made the report to ensure that the matter has been reviewed. If legal action results from the findings of the investigation the follow up action may be confidential and may not be able to be disclosed.

  • Am I required to provide my contact information?

No. You are not required to provide your contact information.  However, providing your contact information will help facilitate a thorough investigation of the allegation since we can contact you for more detailed information, if needed.

  • Will my identity be kept confidential if I identify myself?

All contact information will be kept confidential as required by State law. Sometimes the circumstances being reported cause others to speculate on who the informant is. Release of your identity may be required pursuant to a subpoena or in other circumstances where the City is required by law to release information. 

  • What if I am retaliated against for stating my concern?

Tennessee State law prohibits any retaliation against whistleblowers. If an employee or citizen feels that they are the subject of retaliation for reporting wrongdoing they should contact the City Human Resources Department or the Internal Audit Department.

  • What types of concerns should be made?

You should report any activity by a City official or City employee that you consider to be illegal, improper or wasteful.

Last updated: 3/14/2014 11:49:19 AM